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Sebbag Essentials Hair & Body Serum

Recently, I had the opportunity to try celebrity hair stylist, Eric Sebbag's all natural hair and body beauty serum.  After using it everyday for over a month now, I'm very impressed!  I've tried several organic Argan oils but Sebbag Essentials Beauty Hair & Body serum is definietely one of the best quality Argan oils available.  It really gives my hair and skin a beautiful, dewy glow!

More about the beauty serum from Eric: "The ancient ritual of Argan Oil Hair Serum, grown in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, has been adopted by my family for over three generations. It is used to replenish and re-moisturize your hair, as well as your skin. Excellent for treating all hair and skin types, and can also be used for styling hair."

It's infused with all natural, 100% pure ingredients like Argan oil, Orange Blossom oil, (which gives it a light, fresh, citrus smell), Extra Virgin Olive oil and Avocado oil. 

Best of all, you can use it everyday, twice a day and it won't break out even the most sensitive or oily skin types.  I have oily, sensitive skin and I haven't had any bouts with breakouts or irritation whatsoever.  You'll really notice the difference using Sebbag Essentials after just the first time!

How to use: For hair, all you need is two or more drops of Sebbag Essentials daily on damp hair for conditioning, and rehydrating.  Then use one drop of Sebbag Essentials for styling, on dry, finished hair. Blow dry again to enhance shine.  For all skin types, use two or more drops of Sebbag Essentials daily, immediately after showering or bathing, to replenish and rehydrate skin. 

Sabbag Essentials Hair & Body serum is a must have all natural, multi-purpose beauty serum and I think you'll love it just as much as I do.  To learn more or get yours, please visit Eric Sebbag's website at

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  4. When Eric used this oil on my slightly damaged hair, I immediately noticed the effectiveness of this beauty serum. Needless to say, I bought a bottle that I have been using faithfully on my hair and skin immediately after a daily shower. My skin is smoother and the glowing effect have captured many compliments. My hair is full of shine and more manageable. I've only had the 4 oz. bottle since August and looks like I'll be needing to order another one soon!


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