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French Beauty Secrets

French women are known for their natural beauty and simple beauty routines.  Less is more when it comes to the french and their beauty phiosophy is about being beautiful and sexy, naturally!  French women believe that makeup was designed to enhance a woman’s face, not cover it up.

To stay beautiful, french women eat a balanced diet that includes lots of organic fresh fruit and vegetables from the market, which they walk to several times per week.  They also drink 6-8 glasses daily.  Remember, the best way to get a healthy glow is from within!  Here is what the french do to look and stay beautiful!

French women are renowned for their simple skincare regimes and believe that skin care is more of a necessity than cosmetics.  They make sure to exfoliate their skin and are also loyal users of anti-aging creams.  There’s a certain philosophy that French women have.  Skincare lasts a lifetime, while make-up lasts just a few hours.

When it comes to tanning, French women opt a glowing natural tan rather then a fake one.  A frequent dose of sunshine gives them that beautiful, sun-kissed glow.  But all in moderation, they aren't into the overly tanned "lizard look".  A french woman uses a daily blast of icy cold water in the shower to really get her circulation going, and help tighten up the pores of her skin.  Once she’s finished showering (or bathing,) she will always apply a rich moisturizer and if needed, re-apply it throughout the day. 

A french woman’s makeup is always kept minimal and understated.  They don't carry a load of make-up around either.  At the start of the day she’ll apply a natural looking lipgloss or lipstick for day (or a heavier coat for night), with a dab of concealer and an expert flick of water-proof mascara.  Then wha-laa!  She's done, a natural beauty!

When washing her hair, a french woman likes to rinse her locks with a mixture of cold water and apple cider vinegar.  This natural formula gives the hair a lustrous shine.  Once she’s done that, she applies a rich hair conditioner.  Also, weekly deep conditioning hair treatments are a must to preserve a French woman’s crowning glory.  These usually contain hair protein such as keratin.

When it comes to hair, french women are very low maintenance and prefer a fresh, natural looking hair color.  Any hair style with a natural-looking texture that showcases her own unique beauty is good. And, when she’s short on time, she’ll arrange her locks into french twist.  Or if short on time, she'll wrap her hair into a simple, elegant bun.

To the french, ‘blow-dries’ and hair straightening are not in at all!  The bleached blonde look is also not the norm and is considered to be totally "American."  But the piece-y tousled look and gathering the hair into a relaxed and sexy up-do is very "in", in France.  In fact some french women look like they haven’t properly used a comb in days.  Men all over the world happen to find this lived-in and ‘bed-head’ look very sexy!

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  1. French women are known for their great skin. They know how to age gracefully. After reading this article, I want to be like a French woman.

  2. I must not be french ;p

  3. Simplicity does it best! You can always tell when a woman hasn't a clue how to make herself desirable - there's a ton of make up on her, which men should find off-putting. That is why the French woman gets heads following her: she entices with her fresh look, sexy hair, and the chic way she wears the simplest clothes; and of course, that sexy accent! Ooh-la-la!

  4. French beauty is attractive as they keep it simple and use the cosmetics in the right way

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