Juicing for Clear, Radiant Skin

Many people have started turning towards juicing as a way to boost their everyday healthy habits. Not only is juicing a quick and effective way to introduce more vitamins and minerals into your diet, but it's also a wonderful solution for those who simply don't have enough time to consume the recommended daily amount of vegetables and fruits.

Juicing can help you lose weight, improve your overall health and help with common problems like fatigue and poor digestion.  But it can also give you clearer, more radiant skin!  Here are some of the best ingredients you can juice to banish acne, reduce the signs of aging and enjoy fresher, smoother skin.

Kale has earned a great reputation in today's world for its health-boosting features. A powerful leafy green vegetable, Kale comes with a host of nutrients, including vitamins C, K, A, E, B2, B1, and beta-carotene. On top of that, Kale can also give you your daily dose of Omega 3, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus and more. The vitamin A in Kale will help to maintain healthy skin for longer, while the omega 3 prevents unnecessary inflammation, limiting acne and other skin conditions.

Ginger is a powerful ingredient that is often used as an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory. It helps to reduce acne almost immediately and contains nutrients like potassium, magnesium, manganese, and vitamin b6, all of which work to give you fresher looking skin. Ginger is also rich in antioxidants that fight off the damage of free radicals, reducing the signs of aging in fine lines and wrinkles. We recommend using no more than an inch of ginger at a time in your juice, as it can be quite a potent taste for a beginner to get used to.
Perhaps the biggest benefit of carrots is that they're brimming with beta-carotene, an antioxidant that stops your cells from degeneration, slowing the signs of aging and ensuring you have a more radiant and youthful appearance. Carrots are also rich in vitamin A, which helps the body in maintaining tissue growth along with healthy bones, teeth, and vision. These sweet vegetables make a great base for almost any juice, and can be mixed with a range of green blends or fruity blends for a vitamin-enhanced taste. Carrots also contain a lot of vitamin C, which is fantastic for producing collagen - the essential substance that helps to limit the appearance of wrinkles and lines.
A lot of people forget about herbs and spices when they're creating their juice blends, but when it comes to getting clearer skin, you can't choose a better ingredient than parsley. Parsley is rich in vitamins C and A, which makes it great for clearing out blemishes and improving skin tone. Parsley is also effective at cleansing the kidneys and liver too. This special herb is rich in vitamin K, which can improve the elasticity of skin, and speed up healing processes, so you look younger and more radiant for longer.
Beetroot is one of the most popular ingredients for juicing today. Beets are full of fantastic nutrients that are pivotal to healthy and glowing skin. Not only are they useful for cleansing the liver and blood, but they can also assist with clearing up acne too! Beets are quite potent, however, so you might want to avoid using an entire beet in one recipe. You could also chase away some of the bitter flavor with other tastes like lemon and lime. Celery and cucumber can both help to dilute the taste of beet, while giving your skin a silicon boost perfect for anti-aging too!
Finally, lemons are one of the easiest fruits to add to any juicing recipe. These fruits simply bring out the flavor of other ingredients and provide a refreshing taste - which is perfect for those who juice first thing in a morning. Lemons are rich in citric acid, B vitamins, vitamin C, and more, and they can be a great way to clear out your skin by purifying your blood, eliminating toxins, and cleansing the kidneys. Remember, the more toxins in your system, the more likely you are to suffer from acne.

Lymphatic Drainage for Beautiful Skin

If research has taught us anything over the years, it is regarding the importance of approaching beauty from an integrated perspective.  Keeping skin in optimal condition with natural based products such as argan oil is one way to battle loss of moisture, but alongside our skincare routine, we should start from within.

Many practices exist to help us keep wrinkles and loss of firmness at bay – everything from facial exercises to yoga for stress and other issues that can cause our skin to age prematurely.  Of all these natural practices, one of the most important is lymphatic drainage.  Lymphatic drainage is a simple yet very useful therapy one can apply at home, with pretty amazing results!

What is the Lymphatic System?
The lymphatic system is effectively the body’s waste disposal system, but it also is a vital route for the absorption of vital nutrients and a carrier of disease-fighting immune cells.  The lymphatic system is a complex network of channels which flow throughout the entirety of the body. Toxins are carried from these tiny channels into lymphatic vessels and eventually to the lymph nodes, where they are purified. This detoxified liquid then returns thru the body to continue carrying out its important work.

What Happens When the Lymphatic System Functions Poorly?
Beauty guru, Leslie Kenton, points out that unlike blood, which moves through the body thanks to the contraction of the heart, lymph has only one way to circulate: the natural pressure applied by our muscles when we move. In order for the lymphatic system to work properly, we need to exercise regularly, to enable our muscles (and the power of gravity) to help lymph effectively eliminate toxins from cells and tissues.

Unfortunately, human beings have become far more sedentary over the years, and the result is a build-up of toxins that shows up in our skin through wrinkles, cellulite and water retention.  More importantly, the sedentary lifestyle has significant, negative consequences for our health.  Poor diets are also to blame, as our addictions to alcohol and substances.  For beautiful, radiant skin, one of the most vital steps to take is to lower the toxic burden on your lymph system by quitting any harmful addictions, avoiding alcohol and never taking up the habit of smoking.

Here are several ways we can optimize lymphatic function.

Dry Skin Brushing
If your goal is smooth, soft skin - then you should exfoliate regularly while you're in the shower.  Add a natural fiber brush, to get the lymphatic benefits. Use circular motions to brush the skin. Start in the feet and work your way upwards to your calves, thighs, stomach, back and neck. Try to set aside at least 15 minutes for your brushing routine and work your way up to around 25 minutes.

Trampoline or Rebounder
A great way to drain your lymph system is by jumping!  You can do this with a trampoline or rebounder, which is a small trampoline.  Jumping allows you to defy gravity and helps the lymph move through your body.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
This is one of the gentlest, soothing massages there is.  Your massage therapist will apply slight pressure in specific points in your body.  Bring a pillow as the gentle touch will surely put you to sleep!

Consume a healthy diet
It is important to detoxify the body naturally through occasional fasting. On a daily basis, we should also be careful to feed our bodies with organic fruits and vegetables, which are free of pesticides and heavy metals that can wear our lymphatic system out. Specific foods should be avoided: these include high-sugar foods, store bought fruit juices and sodas and other beverages containing inordinate amounts of sugar. We should aim to feed ourselves (and our families) less processed, packaged items and eat raw, fresh produce whenever possible. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed whole when possible, to avail of the healthy fiber they contain.  Finally, drink plenty of water in place of flavored beverages and alcohol.

Stay active
Set aside at least 30 minutes a day for exercise.  Not only will you be doing your lymphatic system a favor, but also doing something great for your cardiovascular and muscular systems. Try to balance cardiovascular workouts with strength exercises, and out exercises like yoga, Tai Chi or other holistic activities.  They're all proven by research to be very effective stress busters.

This article was written by guest Author: Helen Davids

Renew Actives Turmeric Curcumin Review

Although I've heard about the benefits of turmeric, I've never tried it before.  So I was so excited to try a bottle from Renew Actives!  I couldn't wait to put turmeric supplements to the test to see if it would really relieve my aching joints and muscles and help with my daily pain.

Turmeric, particularly curcumin, which is the main ingredient in turmeric that's been studied many times for it's health benefits may be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence.  Many high-quality studies show that it has major benefits for your body and brain!  Here are the main benefits of turmeric with curcumin.

  • Relieves Joint Pain, Knee and Back Pain
  • Detoxifies the Body
  • Helps with Arthritis
  • Reduces Inflammation and Blood Sugar levels
  • Boosts Brain Function and Memory Function
  • Improves Digestion and Blood Circulation
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health, Normal Blood Pressure and Good Circulation

It also supports healthy joints, skin, hair, heart and mood. Turmeric has unique anti-oxidant qualities and may support your immune system and resistance to infections.  It's one of the best anti-inflammatory agents found on Earth.  In several studies, its potency has compared favorably to anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs, except without the side effects!

Renew Actives Turmeric Curcumin capsules with black pepper are a natural and pure antioxidant rich solution for chronic pain and inflammation.   Renew Actives Turmeric Curcumin is a whole root extract and 100% natural with no GMO's and no additives.  Their formulas are free of soy, milk, egg, shellfish, corn, wheat, peanuts and sugar.

I highly recommend this supplement for anyone suffering from aches and pains or who just wants the amazing anti-viral, anti-inflammatory benefits of using turmeric.  It's really improved my daily aches and pains, especially my joint pain and knee popping.  I also have a popping noise from my knee from a previous injury and it's really improved while taking the supplement.   I'll be taking turmeric from now on and I love the benefits of using turmeric.

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