Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Fresh Face Palette Review

Josie Maran Cosmetics is one of my favorite natural beauty lines and has just launched a new palette called Vibrancy. I love her Vibrancy fluid foundation made with cold pressed good for you ingredients, so I was soooo excited to try out her new beautiful Vibrancy palette! It first debuted on QVC and I saw it live and fell in love with the colors. So I decided to go out and pick it up at my local Sephora yesterday and it's turned out to be beyond my expectations.

My Review
This face paint palette is a creamy eye, lip, and cheek palette powered by good for you ingredients like vitamin-rich argan oil and fresh fruit extracts so you can create a gorgeous, full face look on-the-go!  My first impressions are the packaging is beautiful.  The compact is like a mirror with word VIBRANCY in rainbow colors.  The creamy colors are so beautiful!  Josie Maran did an amazing job with this palette.

This portable palette features four creamy, long-lasting shades that enhance and brighten skin's natural dimension.  This palette would be my one product if I were to pick just one beauty product to travel with or go on a desert island.  You can literally do a full face, eyes, lips, cheeks even use the bronzer to sculpt certain areas or use all over for that glowing bronze goddess look.  The color options are endless with this palette.

The 100% Pure Argan Oil enriches skin with firming essential fatty acids and vitamin E, while antioxidant-rich raspberry seed oil, blueberry extract, and coconut oil hydrate for youthful-looking skin. These beautiful shades are blendable, buildable, and completely mistake-proof. Choose or mix the two gold and rose-gold highlighting shades for a personalized glow, sculpt and contour using the dreamer shade, and add a subtle flush with the universal sweetness shade.
What I love is you get an amazing, pigmented color payoff that looks good on everyone and Sephora has rated the palette in the Clean Beauty category because it's formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates.  It's also cruelty-free, recyclable, full of fresh ingredients, and free of talc, PEGs, formaldehyde, mineral oils, coal tar, gluten, synthetic fragrance, hydroquinone, oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate, SLS, and SLES.

I love supporting natural beauty brands that are not only natural and eco-friendly, but don't test on animals and actually do good in the world with their profits like Josie Maran Cosmetics.  I love her philosophy and always feel good investing in her products.  You can pick up your Josie Maran Vibrancy Palette in-store at your local Sephora, online at and

Lyfe Tea 14 Day Detox Review

Have you been looking for a good detox?  I'm always on the search for the best in natural health and that includes detoxing.  But with so many detoxes nowadays, how do you know which one to choose?  Tea is one of my favorite drinks, so I was excited when Lyfe Tea asked me to do a review on their detox teas.

What Is Lyfe Tea
Lyfe Tea is a delicious blend of traditional herbs that aid in digestion and eliminates toxins released from fat cells during weight loss.  It's the ultimate way to calm and cleanse your body.  Lyfe Tea gives you energy and elevates your mood.  This detox tea boots your energy levels without any artificial ingredients as well.  Lyfe Tea combines the super-food Moringa with other natural, beneficial ingredients to promote a feeling of fullness and suppress appetite while giving your body extreme nutrition.  Lyfe Tea has been featured in publications like E News!, Extra, OK! Magazine, Cosmo, US Weekly, Shape Magzine, Dr. Oz's - The Good Life Magazine and more!

How to Use it
Enjoy one cup of Lyfe Tea each morning and one cup of Detox Lyfe Tea every evening to rid your body of toxins.   Each package comes with a 14 day supply of their Morning Tea and a 14 day supply of our Detox Tea in loose leaf.  Every day I added Stevia sweetleaf to naturally sweeten my teas with an organic lemon squeezed in for extra immunity benefits.

How it Detoxes Your Body
Lyfe Tea is a cleanse. The teas effectively clean out your entire digestive tract removing unwanted toxins that may be preventing you from losing weight, making you bloated, preventing you from absorbing all of the nutrients from the food you eat.  When your body is full of toxins, you can feel tired, sluggish on a daily basis.  The Detox Teas allows your body to rid itself of harmful toxins that may have been building up over time.  This aids in excess energy, boosts your metabolism and allows impurities to leave your body.  The results are pretty amazing!  Check out their before and after pictures here.

What I love
I absolutely loved trying out the Lyfe Detox Teas.  This is one of the best detox systems I've used so far.  I had more energy, was noticeably less bloated and noticed a difference within the first few days!  I was really surprised at the fast results.  They also offer tips and tricks and a 30-day meal and exercise plan you can purchase on their website.  I highly recommend you try their detox program and see the results for yourself!

The Lyfe Tea 14-Day Detox is $34.99 one time fee on their website or you can select the auto-ship of $29.71 per month to save money.  You can choose a larger tea package on their website.  Visit for more info or to get yours!

Maple Holistic Organic Silk Conditioner Review

Maple Holistics Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner is a natural based silk protein conditioner with organic ingredients that deeply hydrate your locks to keep them super smooth, shiny and healthy looking.

It's formulated with a maximized portion of silk amino acids. Naturally derived from silk are eighteen different silk amino acids which have marvelous benefits to conditioning. This conditioner really helps with frizziness, dry hair, curly hair, static reduction, and gently conditions to result in soft, shiny, and easy-to-manage hair. It's also safe for color-treated hair.

I loved using this conditioner! The reason I love it so much is because not only did it make my dry, thick hair feel silky, shiny and healthier but it also smelled amazing! Like real vanilla, because it's infused with 100% real vanilla. I love that it contains no artificial fragrances, colors, sulfates or any other harmful ingredients. It also prevents hair problems like dandruff, split ends and premature graying. As you can see below, the ingredients are very clean and non-toxic. You know exactly what you're getting with this awesome, natural conditioner.

Ingredients: Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Certified Organic Pomegranate, Hibiscus, Green Tea and Sea Buckthorn, Silk Amino Acids, Jojoba Oil, Natural Vanilla Fragrance.  Overall, I absolutely loved Silk18 Natural Conditioner and I highly recommend you try it. It's $10.95 at: Maple

Maple Holistics is a company that provides a natural, holistic range of premium products which can enhance hygiene, health and daily living. The formulaic composition of each product stands out in uniqueness, quality, and effectiveness. Only the purest and highest quality ingredients are used in each product, maximizing the therapeutic potential for each specific area of health. Some of the products offered include therapeutic shampoos, facial masks, bath soaks and more. Their expert Research and Development team is constantly engaged in creating new products. Most importantly, customer satisfaction is our number one concern. When you’re happy, their happy!

Their products are also made in the USA, with natural ingredients like essential oils, cruelty-free, sulfate free and safe for color and all hair types. To learn more, visit their website at