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NowMi Pro Oxygenated Facial Review!

NowMi Pro Oxygenated Facial Treatment was invented by Dr. Zion Azar in 2017.  Dr. Azar is an expert in the medical aesthetic field and over the past 25 years has founded and co-founded several successful Hi-Tech Israeli companies.  The NowMi Vitamin C Oxygen Facial Treatment was created to address an unmet need in the market- the need for a spa-quality oxygen facial treatment available in a home-use device.  

The NowMi Pro treatment performs 4 actions- skin exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation, and protection.  The NowMi Pro device emits 6,000 sonic pulsations per minute.  This sound energy significantly enhances the treatment's effectiveness and boosts each one of its actions.

Vitamin C is a powerhouse anti-oxidant that I’ve blogged over the years.  I highly recommend using some form of vitamin C in your daily skincare routine.  I’ve had huge improvements in the overall texture of my skin by using vitamin C regularly.

The Benefits of Vitamin C
Reduce the appearance of fine lines and textural imperfections
Hydrate skin and restore volume by inducing collagen production
Renew glow and revitalize a dull complexion
Reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation

My Review
I was amazed at the quality of my skin after each treatment!  If your someone who wants to improve your skin texture, tone, your suffering from acne, scarring or anything similar you want to try this it.  After I used the device, my skin was super baby soft, smooth and my pores were completely refined. 

In fact, I had almost no visible pores or acne afterward.  It didn't cause my sensitive skin to break out, or cause any redness like most treatments do.  I loved the Vitamin C weekly treatment!  The dead sea cleanser and treatment gel were really good quality and I would definitely rebuy them even alone.  My skin was so soft and extremely clean after each use.  Any makeup or dirt was removed completely.

After just one use, I couldn't believe the difference!  This was so much better then my results from Clarisonic.  I definitely noticed a difference with my recent acne breakout and with older scars.  They were noticeably and visibly so much better after just a few uses.  

I'm so glad I discovered this cool little spa device and amazing treatment for my skin.  I highly recommend you try NowMi Pro so you can see the results!  At only $199 it's a fraction of the cost of going to a high-end spa with the same results as some of the best spa facials available.  
You can learn more or get yours, at