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Aloha Daily Good Greens - Nutrition Made Easy

Detoxing with healthy fruits and superfood greens is amazing for overall health, boosting immunity and energy levels, weight loss, clearing up acne, giving you that natural "glow" from within. But if you're scared of making green smoothies / juices drinks because of the taste or you just don't have the time to make fresh green juices or smoothies, ALOHA Daily Good Greens is for you!

ALOHA has been featured in Shape, O Magazine, Well + Good, Vogue, Forbes, Mens Fitness, Rebook and more!  The individual packets are perfect for on the go too.  You can add them to water, smoothies, juice, tea and even in your morning oatmeal! :)  Their available in three delicious flavors: Chocolate, Berry and Original.  Here are some benefits to drinking your Daily Good Greens from ALOHA.

In every packet you get 2 servings of fruits and vegetables. Patented infrared drying process maintains nutrients, High quality whole food ingredients and fiber, Stay-pure pouch keeps powder fresh, Formulated with the help of over 200 health experts, Can be mixed into any drink, smoothie, or recipe, Only 35 calories per pouch, No artificial flavors, sweeteners, chemicals, or fillers. They are Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten free, Soy free and made in the USA.

The body benefits of Daily Good Greens are: Detoxification, Helps Balance Weight, Improves and Firms skin, Boots Immunity and Energy levels, Hydrates, Cleanses and Purifies, Builds Collagen and Elastin, Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar levels, Helps Cleanse the Kidneys, Improves Cognitive Health, Boots Mood, Promotes Healthy Digestion, Supports Joints and Muscles, Benefits Bones, Provides Hundreds of Nutrients and Beneficial Plant Compounds. Contains Fiber and Vitamin D, Only 40 Calories.

Also, be sure to check out Aloha's website for more healthy products like their new teas, healthy superfood chocolate, protein bars, trail mix and awesome recipes you can incorporate their protein powders  with.  They also have a blog and cool magazine for all things ALOHA.

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