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Natural beauty and spa treatments are my absolute favorite thing in the world to do when I'm feeling down.  My favorite spa treatments are mud masks for the face and body because they make such a difference in my skin.  So when asked me to take a look at their website and products, I was really impressed!  

They offer spa treatment recommendations, excellent skin care products, natural beauty, workout products, jewelry, accessories, music, art, and everything else you can imagine.  You can even book a spa appointment online.  A spa day sounds pretty amazing to me about now.  Oh lala.

Not only do they have many all natural skincare and body treatments but they also have experts who recommend skincare products and treatments based on your needs and favorite destinations!  Their staff consists of spa and beauty experts who, combined, have over 75 years of skincare, beauty, health and wellness experience.

So if you're a lover of all things natural and non-toxic, is a website you should definitely check out.  You can learn more by checking out their Luxurious Spa Destinations page for recommended products by destination and Treatments page for recommended products by treatment.

Here are some of my favorite products from their website.

Farmaesthetics Sweet Milk Facial Exfoliate $25

Exfoliating with natural ingredients are very effective in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and revealing a youthful glow.
This facial exfoliant is gentle enough to use in daily cleansing or apply weekly as a "mask" to further the effects of the milk's natural lactic acid to soften, brighten, and revive the complexion. It contains only dried powdered milk, cornmeal, and organic herbs and flowers.  Milk has been used throughout the ages to enhance beauty.  Even Cleopatra used sweet milk for beautifying and brightening her complexion.  Traditional rural cultures have also used sweet milk in beauty treatments, making it as familiar on a dressing table as in the kitchen cupboard.

Glacial Mud Company Glacial Facial Purifying Mineral Mud Masque $35

As seen in Lucky, SHAPE, Conde Nast Traveler, PLENTY, Coastal Living, Woman's World.  If you don't know about mud yet, your missing out!  Natural mud is the best thing you can put on your skin!  It feeds your skin with raw vitamins, minerals and completely detoxifies it.  Alaska glacial masque detoxifies, exfoliates and softens skin while more than 60 nourishing major and trace elements promote healthy skin cell regeneration.  It's very gentle and balanced for all skin types, laboratory-tested, allergy-free and doesn't cause irritation.  Includes only wild and certified organic ingredients. No synthetic fragrances, colors or fillers, no propylene glycol, paraben-free. No animal by-products or testing. Sustainably hand-carved glacial mud. 10% profits donated to wilderness preservation, habitat restoration, environmental defense and education in the Copper River Watershed.

La Bella Donna Vision of Mineral Rights $45

The La Bella Donna Mineral Quads are compressed mineral bronzing colours to give your skin an apr├Ęs sun-kissed glow. They also come in blushing and illuminating colors.  Bronzers can really enhance your skin tone and give it a beautiful, natural glow, as well as a natural skin-kissed look when you need that pick me up or your feeling to fair.  Naturale the illuminating shades can also be used as eye shadows.  La Bella Donna Bronzer quad utilizes both the skin’s naturally occurring tanning undertones of gold and red. Both colours options are a natural mineral makeup must-have.  

La Bella Donna Baci Baci Moisturizing Lip Sheer $26.50

Baci-Baci Moisturizing Lip Sheers take mineral lip colour to a whole new lip finish.  They create a moisture barrier and promotes long term treatment and conditioning for the lips with lasting colour.  Developed as a treatment for the lips, formulated with antioxidants Sodium hyaluronate creates a moisture barrier for the lips.  These lip sheers are all natural, organic, contain vitamins A, C & E, flower extracts and other botanicals.  Anti-aging properties are enhanced by the presence of collagen.  The mineral pigments are so refined the colour flows over the lips to create a beautiful gloss sheen!

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