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U.S. Treating Meat with Ammonia, Bleach and Antibiotics

U.S. meat is completely toxic and it's not safe for you or your family.  Fact: Russia and other countries refuse to import U.S. meat because it's so toxic!  Most conventional "red" meat is bleached or ammonia-treated to kill the E. coli and then dyed back pink, like with hamburger and steak, to look attractive in the butcher's window.  

Usually, there's a picture or two over the meat section of some happy cows wandering the pasture, waiting to "help out" with the humans' meat and milk "consumption problem." But in actuality, it's GMOs on top of GMOs, because these are the cows fed genetically modified corn meal and GM alfalfa to begin with.

What do corporate farms do to their conventional meat, milk and eggs to kill the bacteria, the viruses and the superbugs - so people don't get sick in 24 hours or less after consumption?  They treat it with toxic chemicals.  Genetically modified organisms are taking over the earth, slowly and methodically. DNA from insects invades food. DNA from bacteria and fungi are used to destroy bugs and weeds and also destroy human health and all the nutrients in conventional food. 

If you don't know by now, and you consume GMOs regularly, you are probably developing cancer cells right now, pesticide in your gut and possibly tumors to try to contain it all.  Your body needs fresh organic fruits, organic vegetables and spring water to survive and thrive. You need organic vitamins and minerals for healing, vitality and immunity.  If you enjoy eating meat, buy grass fed, organic meat only.  Which is completely safe for you and your entire family.  You can learn more at and

Source: NaturalNews

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