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Top Five Reasons You Need The Clarisonic

By now I'm sure you've heard of the Clarisonic.  I recently purchased a pink clarisonic kit at Sephora that included a Josie Maran kit with her organic argan oil, cleansing oil , full size color stick in love for lips and cheeks, and a beautiful makeup bag in mauve.  I love that they included the Josie Maran kit with my purchase.  That actually enticed me to buy it with the adorable mauve makeup bag.

My skin is even more glowing then before with a fresh, dewy glow so I had to rave about it.  The clarisonic is a super cleansing device that gets your skin super clean and the benefits of this awesome cleaning device will blow you away.  So what is exactly is the clarisonic and why do you need one?
It's a sleek, travel-friendly, professional-quality skincare brush with three speeds and an array of products to produce smooth, clean, and beautiful skin.  

Clarisonic's patented sonic technology gently removes the impurities traditional cleaning methods leave behind, cleansing six times better than your hands alone!  In just 60 seconds, its sonic action removes impurities from pores so that creams, serums, and moisturizers can get to work more efficiently.  This little device is a must if you want clean, beautiful, healthy and happy skin.  

Here are my top five reasons for buying the clarisonic.  

1.) Gives your skin a deep, spa like clean.  When I watched the clarisonic for the first time on QVC, they said you can wash your face,  scrub really hard with a washcloth first and if you use the clarisonic, it will still show dirt on the brush.  This was hard for me to believe, so I had to try it out myself.  Low and behold the first time I use it without any makeup on, the brush was dirty.  I even washed my face first.  

2.) Exfoliates dead skin cells and minimizes pores.  Exfoliating dead skin cells is a must for healthy, glowing skin but what about your clogged pores?  If you exfoliate with your hands, your only getting the surface and not inside the actual pore which makes them appear larger and of course can cause breakouts.  Serums and moisturizers can help, but if your moisturizing on top of dead, dirty skin, you will have large pores, regular break outs and fine lines and wrinkles will show more.  

3.) Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.  I noticed a big improvement in my fine lines on my forehead the first few uses.  The more you exfoliate your skin, not only the better you skin will look but the less you'll see fine lines and wrinkles.  It's true.  Check out these before and after photos on the clarisonic website to see the difference.

4.) Improves the quality of skin.  Regular use of the clarisonic not only improves the quality of your skin but it clears up acne and helps with prep your skin for your serums and moisturizers, thus improving elasticity and firmness.  They absorb better, improving the look and giving you that fresgm dewy glow to your skin.

5.) It's portable and waterproof.  What I love about this device is it's waterproof and you can travel with it!  It's a hand held device so it's made to take into the shower on the go with you anywhere.  I love that I can clean my face in a steam shower with my favorite scrub or cleansing oil or take it with me for a weekend getaway.  You will too!

Still not convinced the clarisonic is right for you?  Read what others have to say about the clarisonic or visit their website for more information.

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