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ModiFace - The Virtual Make Over App

Virtual makeovers are a great way to makeover or update your look.  It helps you see what you would look like before you make the change and you're stuck with something you don't like, not to mention all the money it takes just to change your look.  Modiface is the top makeover app with patented technology that powers over 100 web and mobile apps, more than 25+ million mobile downloads and half a billion virtual makeovers!

ModiFace has worked with over 30 top brands and publications, including Vogue, Stila Cosmetics, Conde Nast, ProActive and Garnier.  What I love about this app is you can try virtually any brand, to see if you like it before you spend money.  This state of the art makeover tool (which you can see here, allows users to upload their own photo or pick a model and try on thousands of different makeup products, skincare effects, hair and nail styles.  Some natural brands include: Stila, Jane Iredale and Pur Minerals.

Check out the ModiFace app for yourself to try out different products and styles and let me know what you think.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  The app is free to download in the Apple iTunes store.  So try it, you never know what will look good on you until you try.

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