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Healthy Snack Ideas

Looking for some healthy snack ideas?  Healthy snacks can be hard to come by with so many processed foods and bad options at the grocery store these days.  Here are some ideas you can refer to create a few healthy snacks when you're pushed for time or just need a new snack idea to try.

Healthy snacks help keep blood sugar levels steady during the day between meals, keep you full and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You can substitute any of these ideas for a meal as well.  Just put your own spin on it.

Lets start with organic fruit and vegetables.  Organic produce is the best way to get your daily intake of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants your body needs to function properly, naturally detox and remove toxins out of the body to maintain proper health.  They have everything your body needs to get through the day and their super cheap compared to stopping by for fast food, which is full of toxic chemicals your body does not process and has almost no nutritional value.  Keep in mind conventional produce has way less nutritional value and are full of toxic pesticides, that no matter how much you wash, is not removed.  When in doubt, choose organic fruit and veggies.  Their always your best options.

Go shopping at your local farmer's market or look for organic options in your local grocery store.  You can eat them alone or create a great snack with apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, grapes, mangos or whatever your favorite fruit is.  You can create a complete breakfast or replacement meal by adding fruit to oatmeal, smoothies or a protein shake anytime of day.  Healthy Snack ideas: Pair fruit with a salad or add it on the side with a healthy sandwich.  Make a fruit bowl or add it to water or ice tea for a refreshing drink!  Fruit has a lot of fiber and has the good kind of sugar your body can breakdown for energy.  It's god's perfect food created just for us.  Plus - it's fresh, cold fruit is always refreshing on a hot summer's day.

Organic veggies are a great way to get more fiber, nutrition and cook healthier meals for you or the entire family.  You can find local produce with in season vegetables to make salads or cook and add to your lunch or dinner.  Try starting with some organic baby carrots, romaine lettuce, celery, zucchini, cucumbers, squash, ect. and try to add one fruit and vegetable to each meal.  Experiment with recipes and you'll find what works for you.  Healthy snack idea: Get your daily veggie intake from natural, organic soups and salads.

Frozen Yogurt
Frozen yogurt is a healthy snack you can have anytime of the day.  Opt for frozen yogurts with less sugar and more protein.  Try the new frozen yogurts now in your frozen food section and experiment with flavors so you don't get bored.  Heathly snack idea: Try the new Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt cups, in the frozen food isle.  Their blended with fresh fruit and packed with protein to fill you up.  Great for a healthy snack or just to cool off on a hot day.

Fruit or green smoothies are another great and healthy way to get all your vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, stay full and cool off too.  You can buy frozen organic berries or your favorite fruit in the frozen food section.  Healthy snack idea: Add a cup of frozen fruit and a cup of water, milk, coconut or almond milk to the blender, blend until smooth and you have a healthy smoothie ready to go.

Nuts are packed with nutrients, minerals and healthy fats that promote weight loss and incur other health benefits. Try snacking on a small portion of mixed nuts between meals to maximize the benefits.  Heathly snack idea:  Try a Tbsp. of peanut butter on toast or crackers.  

Try these healthy snack ideas and feel free to leave me a comment to add your own to the mix.  Happy snacking! :)

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