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Why Your Nails are Brittle and How You Can Fix Them

Are your fingernails or toenails brittle or flaky? Do they split lengthwise or peel off in layers? Most of these undesirable nail characteristics are brought on by nail dystrophy, a condition affecting approximately 20 percent of the population.
The causes of nail dystrophy vary from person to person. Age, dietary and vitamin deficiencies and underlying health conditions can play a key role in the onset of nail dystrophy. However, the most common culprit is long-term and repeated exposure to moisture and chemicals that compromise a nail’s ability to retain its natural oils and moisture.
When those natural oils are eliminated, you eventually end up with nails that are only brittle, cracked remnants of what they once were.
3 Natural Home Oils that can Eliminate Nail Brittleness: 
Contrary to the wisdom of TV infomercials and magazines, it's not necessary to purchase a clinically tested nail moisturizer to reverse the effects of nail dystrophy. In fact, there are several natural oils that can restore your nails back to their beautiful state.
To help eliminate nail brittleness, soak your nails for 10-15 minutes on a daily basis in a warm cup of one or more of the following natural oils:
Sweet Almond oil: Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, sweet almonds produce a vitamin rich oil that can help repair damaged nails and contribute to long-term health.
Grapeseed oil: Known for its moisture-retentive properties, grapeseed oil is a lighter antioxidant that's ideal for preserving nail moisture.
Coconut oil: Known for its essential proteins and medium-chain fatty acids, coconut oil is lauded for its ability to strengthen connective tissue. It's an effective application for moisturizing the fingernails.
Brittle nails don't have to be an ongoing issue for you. Change a few of your daily habits and commit to a natural moisturizing regimen and you will enjoy healthier, fuller and hardier nails.

This article was provided by Nuvail™ – a leading treatment for dystrophic nail conditions. Nuvail is FDA approved for managing signs and symptoms of nail dystrophy (i.e. nail splitting and nail fragility). Nuvail coats and adheres to the nail surface, preventing abrasion and friction on the nail surface while also providing protection against the effects of moisture. Nuvail is available by prescription only.

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