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Skin care tips from Spa Tropique

Summertime is approaching which means you'll be exposing your skin and absorbing the "sunshine vitamin", Vitamin D.  And while it's great to enjoy the sunny skies while they last (unless, of course, you happen to live like me, in the perennially pleasant Turks and Caicos), the sun's glorious golden rays can take their toll on your delicate skin.

Tips to save your skin from sun
After living on the tropical Turks and Caicos Islands in the golden glow of the sun for more than a decade (in some ways it's a love/hate relationship), I've had to learn how to replenishand rejuvenate our beautiful skin in a land where the environment can only be called ‘skin-challenging’ or in layman terms, “Oh my goodness! My skin! My skin!’

So I've developed a menu of treatments to help visitors protect their skin and rejuvenate their bodies. Since a lot of people come to the Turks and Caicos to relax and unwind, or spend time with their families, I've tried to create something for everyone.  Many of our visitors come to our beautiful island for rest and relaxation from their stressful lives. Work, family and responsibility all add up to one simple word: Stress.

Banishing Stress and her boyfriend Fatigue
Stress and fatigue like to treat our skin like it’s their own, personal playground. They give us breakouts and dry skin, to name just a few.  Wrap those up with sun and salt water and you have the ingredients for the perfect storm of ‘Help! My skin needs some TLC! 

Relax and we will take care of everything else.  In order to help you start dreaming about your softer, smoother and more beautifully hydrated skin, I am going to share some of our most delicious Spa Tropique spa packages.
So make yourself a daiquiri, settle in and dream of our beautiful island :)

The Island Indulgence
·         50-minutefull-body Aromatherapy massage
·         35-minute relaxing foot and leg massage

The Spoiled Rotten
·         Kiwi-Coconut Body Polish
·         50 minute Scent-sational Aromatherapy Massage
·         Bitamin C & Seaweed Facial
·         Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure

The Ooh La La!
·         50 minute Hot Stone Massage
·         Full Scalp massage
·         Soothing Eye Treatment

Smooth Sailing
·         Smoothing Mango Scrub
·          Cooling Yogurt Wrap
·         Mini-Facial with Papaya Face Mask

The Caribbean Calm
·         50 minute Swedish Massage
·         European Deep Cleansing Facial
·         35 minute Fabulous Foot Massage
·         Full Scalp massage

Our products
We use only all natural products and support companies that are environmentally friendly. We are the exclusive spa of Pevonia products-launched in 1991, they fully recognize that themost effective skincare ingredients can be found in the safest source on earth, nature.  By combining effective, safe and natural ingredients with decades of experience in professional skincare, Pevonia continues to be the global leader in skin rejuvenation andhealth.
Meryl Cooper runs Spa Tropique at The Sands at Grace Bay luxury resort, and the longest-running independent, (and we think  most fabulous!) spa on the island of Providenciales inthe Turks and Caicos. Before becoming a ‘spa-girl’, Meryl had an interesting career in NYC as an actor and voice-over artist, and was also an accomplished entrepreneur. Now Meryl lives on a tropical island and has dedicated her life to saving skin from the sun.

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    Nice skin care tips..
    I've plan to make Spa in my hometown..

  2. Great list, overwhelming by seeing so many good sites together. I will definitely bookmark some.

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