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Aspartame Linked to Brain Seizures and Tumors

(NaturalNews)  The laws governing the sale of drugs and food additives require substances be safe for human consumption. The artificial sweetener aspartame primarily consumed in beverages and as a popular sugar substitute has consistently been found to cause tumors and brain seizures in animal subjects. In 2005, a European Cancer Research Center, theRamazzini Foundation, called for an urgent re-examination of aspartame in food and beverages to protect children. 

As early as 1960 aspartame was determined to be a dangerous chemical and the emerging research years later only served to affirm the true nature of this artificial sweetener. Over the years, aspartame has been found to create holes in brain tissue, adversely affect the brain and nerve development in the fetus, cause cancer, migraines, headaches, seizures, convulsions and even retinal damage. With this amount of negative findings, aspartame should have been removed from the market years ago!

Ironically, aspartame was indeed removed from the market after it was already approved for limited use based on tests selected by Searle, the company who originally produced the artificial sweetener. This was after Dr. John Olney, a research psychiatrist fromWashington School of Medicine, revealed that consumption of aspartic acid, a major ingredient in aspartame, produced holes in the brains of animal subjects.  So why would this toxic chemical be released to the public?

After more than 8,000 complaints on Nutrasweet side effects, a list of symptoms attributed to aspartame from complaints submitted to the FDA was made public. This list included among others: hallucinations, diarrhea, seizures, depression, migraine, fatigue and insomnia. Aspartame has also been linked to tumors, cancer and infertility.
Aspartame was never tested on humans before its approval.  Proven unsafe for public consumption, it's presently found in 6,000 products and consumed by more than 250 million people, with Americans consuming around half of the world supply.  Soon the FDA will have to address this toxic substance but until then, we have to be smart consumers and stop buying products that contain aspartame and stop using it in coffee, tea, ect.  Remember, if your buying it, your voting for it!

Try to avoid artificial sweeteners at all costs!  Stay away from products labelled "diet" yes that includes diet cokes!  Stay away from anything labelled "sugar free" because these usually contain highly toxic aspartame.  Aspartame is also proven to cause weight gain because the body will store toxic chemicals such as aspartame in the fatty tissue becuase it's so toxic, it cannot process it out as waste.  Use safe zero calorie alternatives like Stevia or use raw sugar or honey rather then toxic zero calorie sweeteners.  

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