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Skincare Tips for Cold Weather

Now that fall as begun, thoughts of heaters, warm clothes and dry skin are brewing. What many people don’t realize is that the dry skin that we have during the fall and winter seasons is a direct result of the way we live during those months. Here are a few tips on how to care for your skin during the cold months.

Turn Down The Heat
Did you know that the hot air coming out of the heater can dry and tighten your skin? Save yourself some money and lower the heat to about 69 degrees which is the temperature that most doctors recommend your house should be if you have a baby. If you’re still cold then try to invest in some wool socks and a soft cuddly sweater.

A Lesson In Bathing
Few things can warm us up and make us feel as good as a long hot shower. Unfortunately hot water strips our skin of its natural oils causing it to dry out. Skip the long hot shower and take one that is lukewarm and short instead. You’ll still feel warmer and your skin won’t be under attack.

Daily Skin Regiment
Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face every day. It’s important that the cleanser you use is made for your skin type so that your skin doesn’t get dry or break out. Once you’re done, pat your face dry and apply a rich moisturizer. While it’s ok to use a lightweight moisturizer during the summer, you'll need more moisture during the colder months because your skin needs the extra protection from the cold, wind, pollution and free radicals in the air.

When washing your body try using body washed or soaps that are perfume free and toxic free. Many scented body washes contain alcohol in them and do more damage than good. Like your face, pat don’t rub your skin dry and apply an all natural, moisturizer like organic argan oil, right after your shower.

Weekly Skin Regiment
Mama said that oatmeal does the body good and as usual she was right! Not only is it a nutritious food but it also makes one of the best face and body scrub ingredients you can find. It’s important to use a scrub on your face and body once a week to get rid of all of the dead skin cells that make your skin appear to be dull and tired. If you prefer a sugar scrub that’s also a good idea and will give your skin a healthy look. In addition to this, using a face mask to moisturize and soften your skin once a week will also do wonders to keeping your skin moisturized and healthy looking.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry
The craving for warm, heavy foods can be overwhelming when it gets cold out. While it’s ok to indulge from time to time, your skin will be in better condition if you watch your diet and eat right - all year round. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, lean protein and low fat dairy is essential to having great skin. You should also be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Water is an integral part of your diet because it hydrates your skin and delivers nutrients to all of your organs. All of your hard work will pay off when you see how great your skin looks and feels.

This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for Hair Design Institute which has beauty schools in West Palm Beach and for Long Island Beauty School, a beauty school in New York.

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