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Amber's Earth Bihada Facial Buffing Grains Review

Amber's Earth is a 100% Natural, Organic and Eco-friendly skincare company that puts you and the environment first by making a completely natural skincare line that's good for you and the environment! They utilize sustainable ingredients in their products and offers a refill program to cut down on unnecessary packaging. They provide products based on balance, harmony and time-honored principles of nature; providing the best long term beauty and wellness enhancing results. Now to the review.

Bihada Facial Buffing Grains are a 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly facial scrub. Bihada means "beautiful skin" in Japanese. This scrub is gentle enough to use every day and is ideal for all skin types. Even mature, delicate, or sensitive skin. When used as a scrub, it gently exfoliates and deep cleans the skin, leaving it glowing, tightened, and silky-smooth! The natural astringent action is heightened in the raw state which is utilized in this pore refining treatment that will beat expensive lotions and potions hands down. It has even been described as being the closest thing to a face lift without the need to undergo surgery.  This natural scrub contains Japanese Adzuki Bean Powder to provide you with a radiant complexion.

My Review
I'm hooked on this natural, organic facial scrub because it does everything it says it does and more.  I was pleasantly surprised when my skin looked so velvety smooth and soft but an added bonus was it was actually firmer and tighter and glowing!  It also helped clear up my breakouts clear up and faded some previous scars I had from breakouts.  Now that my sample is gone, I'm putting in another order ASAP!

How to use:  These luxurious grains can be mixed with your favorite lathering cleanser or simply a few drops of water to create a light exfoliating paste. Simply work the mixture over the nose, chin and forehead. Focus on any problem areas to remove dead skin and loosen clogged pores. To learn more or get yours, please visit  Mention The Natural Beauty & Health Blog Amber's Earth will give you 10% off your order!

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