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The Benefits of White Tea

We love white tea.  Not only for it's wonderful health benefits but for it's great taste too!  Tea is a great alternative to coffee and provides potent benefits for your well-being.  White tea is one of the healthiest choices and has a sweet, flowery taste with a mild aroma for those who prefer something less mild to stronger teas or coffee.

More About White Tea
White tea contains almost up to three times more antioxidants than green tea and consists a high concentration of antioxidants because it is harvested only at a minimum.  Studies show at Pace University that white tea kills germs such as Streptococcus infections and pneumonia and it destroys organisms that causes diseases to spread.  White tea also provides the most anti-cancer qualities and promotes anti-aging benefits.  It builds the skin's resistance to oxidative stress and can reduce the likelihood of tumor growth.

On of our favorites is Organics White Tea.  Organics is sold at Safeway or Vons grocery stores.  Another one of our favs is Teavana Acai Blueberry White Tea.  So try healthy White tea for it's great flavor and health benefits.  Serve it cold or hot and enjoy!

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