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What's In Your Makeup Bag?

It's almost Spring! During this season, we usually clean out our homes but it's important to remember to also Spring clean your make-up bag because of bacteria build-up. Ladies, let's face it, it's easy to stockpile makeup and lose track of what needs to be cleaned out or replaced especially if you are a make-up addict like me.

Have you noticed while rummaging through your makeup bag or drawer that some of the products have a different texture or consistency, has a discoloration in its pigment or has lost its original scent? These are big clues that it's time to toss the old and bring in the new. Being watchful of what you are putting onto your face and body can help you keep healthy and prevent infections and irritants.

While most beauty products today provide expiration dates some do not. To help remember when to throw out your products and when to replace them start with writing down the estimated date/month you should toss it on dot stickers. Stick them onto your makeup containers, bottles, etc. Here are a few guidelines on how long you should keep your beauty products.

Mascara: Usually about four to six months
Tip: Try to not pump the wand in and out often because it causes the mascara to dry out.

Mineral powder: Usually 5 years. Usually powder does not expire especially mineral powder depending on its ingredients. But use your common sense if it begins to smell funky, replace it.

Perfume: Toss it if it smells pungent or if the color has turned significantly darker.
Tip: To make it last longer, store it away from direct sunlight or stick them in the fridge.

Moisturizers: Two years.

Lipstick: Three years. If they do not smell pleasant that means it's time to throw it out.
Tip: Stick them in the refrigerator to keep them lasting longer.

Nail polish: One year.

Facial scrubs: Two years.

Hand lotions: Two years.

Sunscreen: Eighteen months, but check the label for an expiration date.

Hair shampoo and conditioner: Two years.


It's always a good idea to disinfect your makeup bag and your storage space for your products and makeup.

Disinfect your beauty product storages and bags by wiping them with an anti-bacterial spray or with cleaning wipes. Great ones to use are Clorox's Green Works spray and their natural cleaning wipes.

Don't forget about cleaning your tools too! Typically this shouldnt be done weekly or at least every two weeks. For brushes dipped in liquid makeup such as foundation and concealers, make sure to clean it daily. You can wash your brushes, sponges, hairbrushes and tweezers with gentle shampoo such as Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo. Make sure you rinse away all the soap and allow them to air dry. It isnt a good idea to keep used, dirty make-up sponges because even if you clean it with soap it doesnt get rid of all the bacteria and build-up.

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