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How Jen Stays Slim and Stress Free

Most of you know by now what a rockin body Jennifer Aniston has and in recent years she's admitted it's soley due to her change in her work out routine and adding yoga to the mix. 

So how does she do it?  She does cardio and yoga 3 at least times per week and eats balanced, healthy meals.  Mandy Ingber, Jen's yoga trainer and good friend says she has Jen begin her workout with a 20 minute cardio session prior to her yoga workout and then they she leads Jen into five yoga sun salutations to get her in touch with her breath and helps stretch and strengthen her muscles from head to toe.

To get you started, try Sacred Yoga Practice with Rainbeau Mars - Vinyasa Flow: Beginners or if your more of an experienced yogi looking for a challenge, try Sacred Yoga Practice with Rainbeau Mars - Vinyasa Flow: Pure Tranquility.

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