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The Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is one of nature's miracle plants.   It is commonly known to help the skin and a well-known ingredient found in lotions and gels.  It keeps the skin soft and moisturized, helps rashes and is also used as an aide to help soothe sunburns. 

It was documented that Cleopatra applied aloe gel onto her skin to protect it from the sun.  Aloe vera's benefits have been around for decades.  An amazing fact about aloe is that it can also be consumed!  It may sound a little strange guzzling on aloe vera but you will be surprised how good it actually tastes in a juice form! 

Drinking aloe vera juice has many advantages for your health inside and out.  Here are a few reasons why you should consume at least a glass a day.   

1.  Improves bowel movement & digestion
Drinking aloe vera juice may improve bowel regularity.  It also helps decrease the amount of bacteria in the digestive tract and intestines.

2.  Maintain your energy level and weight with aloe vera.Sometimes the intake of certain food can cause exhaustion and fatigue.  Drinking aloe vera juice cleanses your digestive system which helps maintain your energy and body mass.

3. Helps boost the immune system
Aloe vera supplies a full range of anti-oxidants to fight free radicals within our body.

4. A natural and nutritional supplement
Aloe vera carries a huge amount of nutrients.  Drinking it is enough to absorb all the nutrients that you need for your body.  It is more easily absorbed and it tastes good too.

5.  Keeps skin looking youthful.
The nutrients in aloe vera not only helps the skin externally but it also helps the skin internally.  Consuming aloe vera daily helps provide nutrients on the inside.  Drinking aloe on a regular basis can help repair the elasticity of the skin.
6. Regulate your mentrual cycle.
Sometimes stress or overexertion can effect the cycle of your period.  It has been well known in India that drinking aloe vera can help keep your mentral cycle regular.

Aloe vera juices are being sold in almost every natural grocery store including Trader Joes however they are most commonly sold in Asian markets.  I prefer mines chilled but it is also just as good at room temperature.
Cheers to you and to our health. ENJOY!   

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