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How to curl your hair without heat.

Creating waves or curls to your hair can construct such a beautiful change to your appearance. Especially for those who have straight or untamed hair. There are heaps of curling methods that require heat to create these looks but using heating rods can do damage to your mane. You can substitute the use of heating rods by simply curling your strands with chenille stems or by using strips of paper bags! Who would have thought? It's easy, fun and your hair wil love you.

Apply styling creme to wet hair. We like WEN Styling Creme 6 oz - Cucumber Aloe. Part damp hair in small sections and take a single chenille stem and twist the sections evenly around it. Once you are done wrapping your hair, twist a small section of the end of the chenille stem upward . This will secure your hair and prevent your hair from unwrapping. Repeat these steps to the rest of the sections. For tighter curls loop your strands close to each other. For larger curls, wrap your strands farther from each other. The stems are so small and flexible it's comfortable to sleep with them on. It's best to keep them on overnight. Once you remove them, you'll have a wonderful set of beautiful curls-FOR CHEAP AND NATURALLY!

Here's a video on how to curl dry hair with paper bags!

You can purchase chenille stems at your local craft store or at

Have fun and happy curling!

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  1. I do this quite often with the soft curlers. I have long hair and try to not use heat whenever possible. :)

  2. Great, that's wonderful! It's such a great alternative to heat appliances.

  3. Amazing read. I will send this link to my wife she would be glad upon reading this. Thanks you for this post!


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