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Egyptian Magic Multi-Purpose Beauty Cream

Egyptian Magic Cream is an all-purpose 100% all natural healing skin cream which ingredients include: bees wax, bee pollen, olive oil, honey, royal jelly, and divine love :)  (At least it says that on the bottle).  I was turned onto it by a friend who read about it online and had to try it herself and was nice enough to buy a jar for me.

The balm is really miraculous: It heals cuts and burns, eliminates bruises, reduces scars and wrinkles, heals and dries pimples, hydrates the skin, heals and moisturizes chapped lips, relieves sunburns, can be used as massage lotion, shaving foam and hair smoothing shinning cream, hair moisturizer mask, hot oil treatment, hair conditioner and about 25 more things.

A-list stars like Madonna, Oprah, Kate Hudson, Virginia Madsen, super model, Karolina Kurkova, Stylist Rachel Zoe, celebrity make-up artist, Gucci Westman and the list goes on, all use this miracle cream and won't leave home without it.  I absolutely love what it's has done for my skin and hair and won't ever be without it!   You can get yours at Whole Foods or online at

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