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Tomato Facial Scrub

Tomato face scrub?  It sounds a bit strange but it's effective!  Here's how a tomatoe scrub can benefit your skin.  A tomato scrub is an ideal exfoliating cleanser. Alpha hydroxyl Acids and vitamin C in tomato will brighten and soften your face. The daily use of using a tomato facial scrub makes the top layer of dirty cells peel off to promote your youth. Lycopene which is found in tomatoes may be the best free radical scavenger among carotenes.

Tomatoes for your skin and your body are very advantageous. But with today's economy a tomato scrub, which could be found at Bath and Body works or other beauty stores may hurt some of our pockets. The tomato scrub which is in a 4oz tube at Bath and Body Works costs $18.00!  So, why not make your own Tomato scrub?! It's fast, easy but most of all - it's 100% NATURAL!

On the tutorial video below, here's how to create your own tomato scrub using just tomatoes and sugar.

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