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How to get an instant facelift in 3 days

You have an important event in just 3 days! Your face looks tired and not as ravishing as you wish it could be. Not to worry, here is a 3 day treatment to the rescue!

1. On the first day, eat Salmon and vegetables.
BENEFIT: Salmon has fatty acids that help improve your skin. It contains collagen, keratin and melanin. Salmon also helps your skin retain water, it can reduce dry patches and wrinkles on the face. And eating vegetables will help detox your body.

2. Second day, exfoliate your skin using Almond Butter and water. You can buy Almond Butter at Whole Foods Market. Mix a tablespoon with a little water and lather onto your face. If desired, add more water for more consistency but it shouldn't be too watery. Leave it on until it dries and rinse with warm water. Pat dry.

BENEFIT: Almond Butter contains Vitamin E and the almonds help exfoliate.

3. Third day, create a kiwi and honey mask to get an instant face lift. Smash half a kiwi and mix with about half tsp. of honey. Add more of each if desired. Apply the mask on your skin and lie down. Lying down helps minimize mess dripping all over the place!

BENEFIT OF KIWIS: Contains Vitamin C & will boost your energy.
BENEFIT OF HONEY: Contains minerals & vitamins

These natural remedies to get a natural face lift are proven to work. Try it and let us know how it worked for you!

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