Tone, Tighten and Firm Your Body in Just 45 min.

If I told you that you could tone, tighten and firm anywhere on your body from the neck down in just 45 minutes, would you do it? The total body applicator is the only patented and exclusive body wraps that firms, tones and tightens in the world!  It doesn't make you loose water weight like other wraps and won't make you sweat either.

Still a skeptic? So was I until I tried the It Works wraps for the first time. I lost two to three inches everytime I've wrapped.  These all natural and botanically based body wraps have been a life saver for me.  The body wraps are extremely effective at firming, toning and tightening loose skin, improving the appearance of cellulite and skin sagging.

Celebrities love our products!  Not only do celebrities love these skinny wraps and facial wraps for fast results before award ceremonies and events, our company is invited to the celebrity product suites for the Oscar and Emmy awards every year!

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin. One wrap is a sample, four wraps is a full treatment!  You will get the best results by using four of body applicator wraps which come in a box of four.

The Total Body Applicator
* Redefines the appearance of your body's contours
* Tightens, tones, and firms
* Improves skin texture and tightness
* Mess-free and simple to use
* Results in as little as 45 minutes
* Progressive results over 72 hours

The botanically based, all natural wraps really improve the appearance of the overall tone and texture of the skin as well.  If you're a new mom, or mom with multiple children, these all natural wraps can be a life changer!  If you're someone who just wants to loose the belly bulge or tighten up areas on the body, our wraps can really help you too. Results can be seen in as little as 45 minutes and progresses even more over the next 72 hours.

No matter where your problem areas are, our wrap can improve the area and firm, tone and tighten and give you a smoother and firmer appearance! Although our wraps aren't for weightloss you will typically loose inches each time you wrap. You will definitely notice a difference in the mirror immediately after the wrap is removed. The area you apply the wrap to will be firmer, tighter and more toned.

Your results can be permanent!  Most people don't believe results can be permanent but they can be as with a healthy and active lifestyle.  It Works has over 50 other health and wellness products to help you maintain your results and help you look and feel even better. Results can be as good as a tummy tuck depending on where you're starting from and your current lifestyle.

It Works product line includes of products includes all natural, botanically based and non-gmo spa skincare and facial wraps formulated specifically for the face, supplements, greens powders and chews, protein powders, nutritional bars, energy drinks, a cleanse drink, and a hair skin and nails supplement that grows hair and nails out faster and healthier as well as achieving gorgeous, glowing skin!

Total body applicators are $59 for a box of four as a loyal customer. To sign up as a loyal customer and get your wraps and all of their other health and wellness products 40% off, click here

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lucawalstab said...

Health is a very important part of our life and we have to maintain it if we want to live healthy and long life. I read about health product’s benefits over your site and I think this is very helpful for that person who is unaware about health’s importance . I do agree that health can easily maintained by healthy diets and exercise. I am also a very health conscious person and this is the main reason that I am very impressed with your ideas.

March 20, 2017

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